Nabil Makar, The Artist  

Born in Egypt forth a military father and a devoted mother who also was an artist.  At a very young ages, Nabil started capturing the attention or art tutors and buyers.  His first award was gained at the age of 14.

Defined by a free spirit, Nabil uses art as a tool for demonstrating spiritual and cultural achievement of modern world.  He explores may techniques, as acrylic, oil paints, sketches, silk-screen painting, pastel, water paintings, among others.  All with a characteristic exposition of vibrant colors, Nabil expose his Egyptian background with the use of iconic symbols.   His work is inspired by the Egyptian people, history, land and faith.  The human presence in his pieces are surrounded by mysticism.  He can paint a musician enjoining his instrument, or a mother expressing love to it’s child, s well as a man’s face who’s eyes provokes many questions.  Nabil’s unique style for combining elements is the way he impregnate his work with a message and even, an story.

Nabil got his chance of having his first Showing after an Spanish Oriental man, called Pedro Martinez Montavez observed his work. Later on, he started working in news papers with layouts and illustrations.  From there, Nabil’s Professional Career diversified.  From Art Instructor, in Letcher Art School, Washington, DC, Writer and Art Critic, he was a promoter of art via radio, press and TV.

His success came to the point of owning THE MAKAR ART GALLERIES, at Cairo-Egypt, and 2 locations in Washington, DC.  The galleries specializing in introducing young international artists and world established artists to different media and mediums, visited by famous art, music, and world affair connoisseurs.   Nabil’s art has been publicized world-wide including Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and the United States.
International Exhibitions and Shows.    

  • Al Ahram, Cairo, Egypt, September 2005
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor, Egypt, October 2005
  • United States Congress, Rayburn House Office Building, USA, February 2006
  • National Opera of Egypt, Egypt, September 2006
  • Cheney University of Pennsylvania, USA April 2007


Art Description Price

Village in Egyptcropped-Family1.jpg   paint_10Egyptian_Icon_3




Paintings. It includes a description of the subject matter and the composition of the work, as well as scale of the work, media and technique.

Egyptian Icons. The Symbols for Egypt Icons typically relate to the gods, life, love and death.

Sketches. A simply executed drawing or painting, especially a preliminary one, giving the essential features without the details.

Prints.  An image created from a master wood block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. A print is considered an original work of art and today is customarily signed and numbered by the artist.


A Coptic Artirst by definition, Nabil Makar always says:  “Egypt lives inside of me wherever I go…”